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Best Wishes

To all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

That time of year is upon us. As I get older and the season's pass I find it harder to accomplish what I used to in the same amount of time. We are desperately editing to get the new season of Nice Fish on the air. Our bonus this year was the launching of Nice Fish on CHEK NEWS in Victoria. Seven days a week after the 11:00 clock news you can watch NICE FISH. The response from viewers has been fantastic and it is treat to see local advertisers like Island Outfitters and Padget Business services step up with advertising on the show. Also thanks to Queen Charlotte Lodge and Duncanby Lodge. I hope you fill every trip next year. And if you are planning a trip next year to a lodge salmon or halibut fishing now is the time to book. Deals can be had and its going to be an incredible season.


Been on Holidays

Took a much needed trip to Asia for the month of October. After a season of travel and big fish one would wonder why I need a holiday. Believe me, by the end of September I was beat up. Also my family had only seen me for about 7 days all summer. So off to Asia we went. Five days in Hong Kong, five days in Phuket Thailand, five days in Phnom Phen Cambodia, five days in Anghor Wat Cambodia, five days on the beaches of southern Cambodia, then five days on the beaches of Pattia Thailand and on to 5 days on a small Thailand Island called Kho Somet.

Its good to be back and am ready to go. There is a lot to do. Edit Nice Fish, Nice Fish Junior, SFOTF and "The Lodge" Thats forty hours of programming to get out to the broadcasters. We currently have four editors working furiously to try to keep things on time and on budget.

I would like to try to get out for a day to hook into some winter Chinooks in Sooke on Vancouver Island. My Son in Law hooked into quite a few on a charter. It appears that there are a few fish out there. The main problem is weather. So if you are venturing out be safe


Rivers Inlet and Duncanby Lodge

I am  way behind on these posts as I have been travelling and shooting some great television for Nice Fish and Nice Fish Jr. Today we will start with our trip to Duncanby Lodge in Rivers Inlet on the central coast of British Columbia.

This is the second year visiting Duncanby and truly a memoriable one. Sunny weather, calm seas and great fishing. Once again my grandson Dylan outfished me. On Nice Fish Junior Dylan landed a 37 pound Tyee on a flyrod. His greatest day was bottom fishing in these waters. What a great area to let a kid spend the day catching bottom fish galore. We did very well on Nice Fish catching Tyees on lite tackle. However I could not beat Dylans catch. Dylan was rewarded with an engraved Islander MR3 for being top angler at Duncanby Lodge.

If you are looking for a cool place to enjoy beautifull scenery, sheltered water and big fish then you got to check out Duncanby Lodge. They have an open menu that surpasses most restaurants. Eat what you want, when you want. And its all included in your fishing package.


Fantasy Island

Every once in a while a person gets a shock in life. Taken away from reality into something that is far from the norm or if I may say "A fairy tale"

Thats what happened when we visited Sunds Lodge on Malcom Island in front of Port McNeil BC on Vancouver Island. From the time we approached the Lodge and witnessed all the waving staff waiting with a song and a cool refreshment in hand. I had to say. "This is like fantasy Island. The Sund family really know how to host a four day party and everyday I was treated as a royal with laughter, fine wines , gourmet foods, exquisite rooms, cozy beds and the most safest fishable boats that I have ever seen. This is guided fishing at its finest and the fishing did not dissapoint. It was four days of catching big salmon on light tackle. I only hope that I was able to capture some of this magic on camera. Hard to do. Hope I did. Video excerpts to follow.


200 pound Halibut

Winter Harbour on the north west coast of Vancouver Island proved to be a very successfull fishing trip.

Big seas and big fish combined to produce a few great episodes of Nice Fish and Nice Fish Jr. The first day out I was treated to a very large halibut. It was a gong show as the fish wrapped and tangled around a few other lines. The last 50 feet had to be handlined in because of knots and tangles. Hand lineing a big Halibut has to be done very carefully as one can loose a finger or suffer serious injury if not done properly. But the job was completed and a 195 halibut came into the boat along with a couple over 50.

The next day was 9 year old Dylans turn as he hosted his episode of Nice Fish Junior. Two Halibut were caught bigger than him in 3 meter seas. This kid is one tough dude.

The next day was a Coho show as these 6 to 12 pound fish provided constant action on light tackle. We then pursued some Chinook action. At this time of year offshore fishing for these big fish can be very exciting. These episodes will air in the 2010 schedule. I will post some shots later in my video Blog. If you are seriously interested in catching a lot of fish as well as big fish I would recommend that you check out Qualicum Rivers Lodge at Winter Harbour.