New Series Coming Your Way
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 11:17AM

It has been way too long since I've given my viewers an update on what is going on over here! With a whole new season of episodes for you to watch I have been busy filming and travelling across Canada. My company, NFMG Productions, has undergone some downsizing- but that doesn't mean we're giving you any less of what you love, and that's FISHING. My crew and I visited River's Inlet and fishing there never disappoints... I caught massive Chinook Salmon and was thrilled to bring my Grandson Dylan along to enjoy the trip. The lovely little town of Port Alberni showed us why they are an exciting tourist location, and I got to fulfill a lifetime dream of acting as a locomotive engineer on one of the oldest steam engines  in Canada. While that kept me busy I let my good friend, Dave Cornock, take the reigns and host an episode or two...


It's been talked about all Summer, and despite my non-stop schedule I have been hard at work getting these two grumpy old fishermen ready to film a damn episode. The rough and tough Clive Piercy goes head to head with prim and proper Bob Mills. These two geezers have only two things in common, their hate for each other, and their passion for fishing, and it's coming to you in an entertaining series full of laughs. Check out the opener by clicking here and stay tuned to find out when it will be premiering on a network near you!



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