Fantasy Island
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 3:50PM
Gary Cooper

Every once in a while a person gets a shock in life. Taken away from reality into something that is far from the norm or if I may say "A fairy tale"

Thats what happened when we visited Sunds Lodge on Malcom Island in front of Port McNeil BC on Vancouver Island. From the time we approached the Lodge and witnessed all the waving staff waiting with a song and a cool refreshment in hand. I had to say. "This is like fantasy Island. The Sund family really know how to host a four day party and everyday I was treated as a royal with laughter, fine wines , gourmet foods, exquisite rooms, cozy beds and the most safest fishable boats that I have ever seen. This is guided fishing at its finest and the fishing did not dissapoint. It was four days of catching big salmon on light tackle. I only hope that I was able to capture some of this magic on camera. Hard to do. Hope I did. Video excerpts to follow.

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