Just returned from Escott Sport Fishing Lodge in the Queen Charlottes
Monday, June 8, 2009 at 1:55PM
Gary Cooper

Spent the last five days shooting the first episode of the new season "NICE FISH". We also shot episode four of NICE FISH Jr. with my grandson 9 year old Dylan. We stayed and were hosted by Danny and Lisa Escott of Escott Lodge. Also called Escott Sport Fishing. They are located in the town of Massett on the Northern tip of the Queen Charlotte's. Check it out. They are a first class operation that supplies great food, accomodations and guided fishing. They fish out of mid twenty Grady Whites that are very comfortable. The fish were in the high teens and mid twenties. Rob Reierson, president of Tradex Seafood caught the only Tyee. We captured it all on tape and I feel that this is going to be a great episode. Not as great as the episode of Nice Fish Jr. Dylan sure knows how to out-host his grampa and I hate to say it but you are going to be treated to one heck of a new series. One that is better than Nice Fish. Working on some other new projects that you will be excited to hear about. Just can not devulge the info at this time. Will post the rushes from this last shoot next week on my video blog.

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