Been on Holidays
Monday, November 23, 2009 at 12:10PM
Gary Cooper

Took a much needed trip to Asia for the month of October. After a season of travel and big fish one would wonder why I need a holiday. Believe me, by the end of September I was beat up. Also my family had only seen me for about 7 days all summer. So off to Asia we went. Five days in Hong Kong, five days in Phuket Thailand, five days in Phnom Phen Cambodia, five days in Anghor Wat Cambodia, five days on the beaches of southern Cambodia, then five days on the beaches of Pattia Thailand and on to 5 days on a small Thailand Island called Kho Somet.

Its good to be back and am ready to go. There is a lot to do. Edit Nice Fish, Nice Fish Junior, SFOTF and "The Lodge" Thats forty hours of programming to get out to the broadcasters. We currently have four editors working furiously to try to keep things on time and on budget.

I would like to try to get out for a day to hook into some winter Chinooks in Sooke on Vancouver Island. My Son in Law hooked into quite a few on a charter. It appears that there are a few fish out there. The main problem is weather. So if you are venturing out be safe

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