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Nice Fish Team Includes Drones!

You've heard of those cameras that fly around taking professional HD videos, well we wanted to get in on the action. The Nice Fish team now has a fancy 4k Technology drone, prepared to take flight and take amazing video to both fill seasons to come with footage and provide new angles for our marketing team's commercial side. 

The 4k Technology drone captures video like television production has never seen it before. Fly above a fisherman landing his Tyee, circulate boats as they cut through big waters and feast your eyes on landscape and nature shots from a view not possible with any other camera.

This is one of two of our custom built drones. Coupled with the just released panasonic 1x100 camera it carries a payload of up to 7 pounds and is capable of shooting 4k 30 framers per second video- 4x the resolutiong of HD. The drones are all GPS controlled and come with an array of features.

Can't wait to put her to good use!



New Season Airs Next Month!

It's always exciting when a new season is about to hit the stations. I truly love sharing with all of you the fantastic fish stories that I've had the pleasure of filming, and this year is no different. We've had quite a time compiling this list of new episodes, and though we stayed pretty local, we met a wide array of guides and guests. This is Island fishing.

This season of Nice Fish will bring you the brand new Vancouver Island Lodge in Sooke, BC. It'll introduce you to Ryan Chamberland, the owner, and a local band that's shared some music with the Nice Fish show, as you'll see in our re-edited opener! Plus, you'll be a part of the action catching fish with VIL guests!

From there, we'll travel west, to the side of the Island that sees the biggest ocean waters in the Province, Uclucelet BC. Max Fish guided us through some lovely days of fishing, and gave us a great show. I spent many a day fishing and enjoying the sun in my RV at Pedder Bay Resort and Marina, so we'll include you in the best moments there. All this and more, when you tune in to Chek TV the first week of December for the start of the 2014 season of NICE FISH.


For about a year and half now, my Facebook page has been filled with clips from

The site was developed as a place for fishermen and fishing industries alike to all join together and share their stories from around the globe, as well as for hosts to have a place where they can share their episode content for people to come back to and enjoy for years to come. I am one of those fishermen who's used the site to upload hours and hours of my own video content to, and I get a thrill from seeing how my viewers love to relive those experiences with me.

The site has so much potential, and it is my wish that we spread the word, so that countries across the world can share in this pastime that we all love. So record your videos on your phone or camera, capture the fish that gave you the struggle of your life, and be a part of this new online world. And if you're not able to fish yourself, you can indulge in the fish stories that so many others have shared.




Tribute to a Friend

I'd like to use this post to say thank you, and goodbye to an old and very dear friend that passed away last night. Glenn worked with us for many years as our accountant, but by no means did the friendship end there. Glenn had a passion for fishing, and we shared some wonderful days on the water together. His quiet demeaner didn't hide his love for a good story, or his ability to tell one. He was a humble, hardworking man. He was a kind, intelligent and genuine person, and he will be truly missed by our Nice Fish team. 

Fish on, my friend.



The Secret with Luck

When you hear me say that catch line at the end of every show, do you really know what that means? You might think that it's easy for me to recite 'Luck Is An Attitude' because who wouldn't have a good attitude when they tend to do alright catching fish. But there's so much more to having good luck on the water. 

I was once told, 'luck is simply opportunity meets preparedness.' What that means to me is that if I happen to have the opportunity to be on the water, I plan to be prepared with the knowledge I need to succeed. That means knowledge of the area I'm fishing, knowledge of the bait and lures I'm using, and knowledge of the type of fish I'm targeting. All of those things combined will usually turn up a pretty great day of fishing! It's not because I'm a lucky guy, it's because anyone who goes out there prepared to take on a challenge will likely be feeling pretty positive about it! And for those who aren't quite sure yet, it's not that hard to obtain the right knowledge-many tackle shops in your area are happy to fill you in on what's working, what's being caught and where to go. You just need to have the attitude of a person eager to succeed.